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by The Cold Atomic

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released August 7, 2015

All songs written and performed by Kyle Caldwell.
Tracks 1-3 produced by Eric Papky & Michael Brown at Hive Studios in Hamilton, Ontario. Mastered by Eric Papky & Michael Brown and Kyle Caldwell. "Shapeshifter" produced and mastered by Kyle Caldwell.

Artwork by Kyle Caldwell.

© 2015 The Cold Atomic. All Rights Reserved.


tags: rock Hamilton


all rights reserved


The Cold Atomic Hamilton, Ontario

The Cold Atomic is a pseudonym for the solo work of musician Kyle Caldwell, previous frontman of the now-defunct rock band Animal Farm. With The Cold Atomic, Caldwell establishes his maturity as a songwriter and showcases his eclectic musical ideas, taking full control of the process by singularly writing, performing, and producing all of his material. ... more

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Track Name: The Flame
Lyrics by Kyle Caldwell

Your razor eyes cut right through the hazy light
And oh the way you move, it’s hard to keep my cool
The games are cruel - too long I’ve played the punch drunk fool
But that’s all in the past and it feels so good to be back

Wrapped around my finger, turning you on
Finger on your trigger, you won’t last long

The honey trap may tie me to the railroad track
But after the fun I’ll slip the knot and I’m gone

Sweat on my skin and burn
The fire will soon fade and die
Tonight my universe
Lies behind your razor eyes
The moment won’t last long
The flame will be gone soon

The hook is set - don’t you try and play hard to get
You cannot hide the fire that burns inside

Give up the ghost and watch it burn
Set off all fireworks
Everything ends and fades away
So let go and spark the flame
Track Name: Starling
Lyrics by Kyle Caldwell

Starling voices echo through the waltzing fog
Warm vacant streets wake to an azure dawn

When the stars surrender to night,
I won’t miss their light
Because I’ve got your eyes
When the world is washed away
On the beach we’ll escape
Just say you’ll love me

Starling flocks ebb and flow like the oceans
The great broad tomorrow laid out before us
Track Name: Move Along
Lyrics by Kyle Caldwell

The tower’s a mausoleum
The city is now a graveyard
Tried to squeeze blood from a stone
Never in my life have I squeezed so hard

Once upon a time we had it all
But now the love’s gone from your eyes
Made mistakes that I can’t erase
Now I watch the ghosts mobilize

Better keep moving

Wanted this forever, but you fucked it up
You wanted better, took back your love
I’m steering through the storm that followed the calm
But nothing left now, so move along

Knee deep in apologies
Never thought I’d feel so alone
Can’t see the forest for the trees
Never thought I’d ever see you go
Track Name: Shapeshifter [Bonus Track]
Lyrics by Kyle Caldwell

From the black I watch as you sip her golden poison
She stings and she soothes, how could you avoid her?
Barley fields calling - you're searching for an out

I seek and light the fire inside her emerald eyes
You feel the wick ignite, how could she be denied?
Scorpio in cancer - you'll never get away

Ooh, I'm the shapeshifter
I'll eat you alive

I creep the dark of night as you two try to connect dots
X-rate, intoxicate, and try to lose yourselves in God
Feral, frantic dancers feigning all things

This collision moves through time
The inevitable has arrived
From infinity to oblivion
Forever eternal, you're mine

Smeared lips and racoon eyes, scent of raspberry wine
She teases and excites, gold fog fills your mind
Think you're both escaping? Just you wait

I'm inside her bloodshot eyes, that waning, faded afterglow
In the shame she puts on you, that patient, pulling undertow
That aching, rolling Panzer - baby, you know my name