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The Youth In Asia

by The Cold Atomic

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Conceptualized and executed as both a concept album and historical novel, THE YOUTH IN ASIA tells the story of Luka Zapffe, a haunted Dutch assassin struggling to survive the duplicitous machinations of his Allied handlers during the final months of World War II. Symbiotically, the album provides the soundtrack to the novel while the novel completes the narrative established in the album's music and lyrics.


released June 9, 2017

All songs written by Kyle Caldwell.
© 2017 The Cold Atomic (SOCAN). All Rights Reserved.

All songs performed, produced, and mixed by Kyle Caldwell.
All tracks mastered by Taylor Lucas except for tracks 1, 6, and 8, mastered by Kyle Caldwell.

“Cosmic Bomb” features an audio clip of President Harry Truman announcing the dropping of the first atomic bomb on Hiroshima, Japan, first broadcast on August 6, 1945 while aboard the USS Augusta in the mid-Atlantic.

“Vladivostok” features an audio clip of J.R. Oppenheimer speaking, first broadcast on the TV documentary The Decision to Drop the Bomb (1965), produced by Fred Freed as part of the NBC White Paper program.

Art Design for the album and novel by Kyle Caldwell.
Cover photo: “Fat Man.” Nagasaki, Japan. August 9th, 1945. Photographer unknown.


tags: rock Hamilton


all rights reserved


The Cold Atomic Hamilton, Ontario

The Cold Atomic is a pseudonym for the solo work of musician Kyle Caldwell, previous frontman of the now-defunct rock band Animal Farm. With The Cold Atomic, Caldwell establishes his maturity as a songwriter and showcases his eclectic musical ideas, taking full control of the process by singularly writing, performing, and producing all of his material. ... more

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Track Name: The King of Thebes
I'm marching towards a world on fire, the Erinyes cackling
The daylight fades, the fates conspire and blow their kiss of death
The hissing women robed in black warn my end lies in my action
But rage crafts my return attack and the cosmos sucks me further in

Save me, I'll tear out my eyes
The King of Thebes going blind
The Furies cross seas in wingless flight
To eat me alive

Shadows can't hide a fallen man from a Roman seer or Scottish witch
Whether under red lights in Amsterdam or in a brothel in Berlin
They suck me dry, those steadfast demons, swallow black and invite my end
Blown off course and shipwrecked while the one I love burns, never avenged

They'll manifest their fearful art and envelop you in dark
They'll ride the wind and whisper your name, you cannot escape your fate
Track Name: Black Dog
Can't fight the feeling, too many treasures come and gone
All wounds are healing save for the bite of the black dog

Get out from under before the water's overhead
Lightning and thunder signal the approaching end

There's pain in an examined life
Born of the virus in the dog's bite
While the rabies infects your mind
The universe stares back with indifferent eyes

Triads of iron driving overworked organs
Winter on fire, the dormant cells start mutating
Track Name: Genesis
Drifting away, lost in space
Oceans of harmful dust are swallowing me
Billions feign earnest outrage
These falling down, burning out stars become kings

Under the weight comes the sea change
Her transcendent, lithe presence illuminates
The howling wanes, the jackals fade
And cancerous answers dissolve in her wake

I've seen our vessels fail us
And I accept no afterlife / And I reject the afterlife / And I reject our absurd lives
But divine, inspiring love has not been lost
Because the genesis of God began in her eyes

Parting waves invigorate
Melodies in front of me colorize the breeze
Repudiate our dinosaur fate
What hides inside this cosmonaut is infinity
Track Name: Stunde Null
The cool breeze rises up off the River Spree – a foreboding soldier
The judgment stares down from above, you feel their eyes all over

In the dark, midnight blue (stunde null)
Under falling skies (we'll be together soon)
In the dark, midnight blue (stunde null)
We'll be together soon

Stunde null
Track Name: Pendulum
How do you sleep at night knowing you've put men behind
The concertina wire, their souls left to die?

And in the desert sand you came and drew the line
You raped the homeland and put fire in their eyes

But now your dreams are ending
Scared to death, fear nothing
See your rivers rising
The masses born to resist

Pulled by horses and stretched out
But untied hands will put the horsemen down
The cause and effect, the pendulum
Down don't mean out - and our time has come

The tides are turning, the sun will set on "chosen" men
The world is watching as kings fall again
The violence, the anger, the bodies on the pyre
The students who are setting themselves on fire
The day of revolt and the nights of revenge
The rage passed on until the structure bends
The riots, the bullets, the fathers and sons
The beatings by police, the murdered no ones
The temples that crumble and machines that rust
The face of God as our fate kneels to us
Track Name: Shiva
Big Nothing staring back at you from the abyss
Cackling like a witch, that universal grin sucking you in
You distract by embracing curves of emerald glass and soft, fragrant, tanned skin
You thought you were winning, you were mistaken

And you hope an answer is waiting
But you know you cannot escape me

I'm Shiva warbling your grim, infinite swan song
The death defying all of life, the catalyst of the fall of you

The silence of the world, that colourless desert inside everyone you hurt
It's all one last midnight, don't know why you fight
Track Name: Sea of Trees
Darkness rises until it suffocates and extinguishes twilight
Death runs riot on a foreign state, eclipsing star shine

But underneath the weathered, warring night, while the hawk is circling
I'm lulled to sleep by ancient lullabies and sail on fluttering strings
A reunited King

Black showers of crashing dead birds
End the galloping foreign demons
Feral panthers rise up from the earth
But the sea of trees drowns all in her flood

Luminescent locomotives fly into the sky
Colours bleed inside her warming eyes, exposing spies
Leaving all behind

Faceless beings dark as Mephistopheles
Pour out like midnight waves on the shoreline
I turn my gaze to sky one last time
Memories trailing behind, a wasted life
Oil rising from the forest floor swallowing everything
Clouded vision at final light, but I fear nothing