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Victorian Codex

by The Cold Atomic

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released May 22, 2015

All songs written, performed, and produced by Kyle Caldwell.
Artwork by Kyle Caldwell.

© 2015 The Cold Atomic. All Rights Reserved.


tags: rock Hamilton


all rights reserved


The Cold Atomic Hamilton, Ontario

The Cold Atomic is a pseudonym for the solo work of musician Kyle Caldwell, previous frontman of the now-defunct rock band Animal Farm. With The Cold Atomic, Caldwell establishes his maturity as a songwriter and showcases his eclectic musical ideas, taking full control of the process by singularly writing, performing, and producing all of his material. ... more

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Track Name: Vodka & Ice
Lyrics by Kyle Caldwell

You wanted more insight and fewer alibis
But you’d claim lagoons in vodka and ice
You wanted love in life – Sunday morning eyes
But you can’t curse moons and expect sunshine

You drop coins down a wishing well
So go on and fool yourself

You’d start to colonize every hour of night
But see your navy drown in vodka and ice
You’d search worldwide for your golden prize
And when it wasn’t found you’d blame your vice

And when the light fades
Again you’ll turn away

You trust a symphony awaits
Behind the legerdemain
Illusions may be better for your health
So go on and fool yourself
Track Name: Wolves of the Dark Deep
Lyrics by Kyle Caldwell

Walking the house and circling again
The cold winter outside has forced me in
Waves of white roll over my skin
Try I might, I just can’t pretend

Eyes fogging up and head gaining weight
I hear the warm sounds finally escape
I’m somewhere in the other room strumming it away
As wolves of the dark deep lie in wait

The sounds of the night bounce around in my mind
I toss and turn, looking for an out
But the voices of the day echo in my brain
And the quiet ones always drown out the loud

Trying to fall asleep and wash away the day
The moonlight sliver cuts across my face
I’m somewhere in a foreign town half a world away
As wolves of the dark deep lie in wait

The one that got away joins the last one she replaced
And cold hands clutch on to empty pens
I say that it’s alright; just one more lonely night
But I can’t stop defeat from sinking in

Drink into the night, until I can’t see your face
Trying to forget your smell and shape
Dreaming up the melodies and waking right away
The wolves of the dark deep lie in wait

Painting the morning light a bittersweet grey
The wolves of the dark deep lie in wait
Track Name: Down To Earth
Lyrics by Kyle Caldwell

Banquets of bouquets drifting out to sea
Following the pack of buzzing honey bees
Waves crash in Turner pink to meet the feet of trees
Feeling the branches break the wind draws its warm breeze

If I come down to earth
My ghosts will rise
They’d shadow the sun
And I’d never see the light

Under a sailor’s sky; the ocean endlessly
Washes the fog away and turns it to energy

If I come down to earth
The waves will rise
They’d swallow the sun
And I’d never see the light

It was here first
This feeling inside
I’m drifting to birth
Towards the endless light
Track Name: Aurora
Lyrics by Kyle Caldwell

Awake the morning after, the fog of your disaster
With visions of her soft eyes
But you find they’re a mirage, your mind’s coup d’état,
A ghost escaped from paradise
Your head again it drowns as you rediscover your curse
Never a lonelier time than the mornings without her

Drift through the days and reach for escape
And count the moments until the sun dies
The sky is saturated with colors so engaging
But you only see the coming night
The twilight chills and locks in the shiver
Never a lonelier time than the mornings without her

Night brings release, but it’s only the day’s overture
Never a lonelier time than the mornings without her
Track Name: Under The Tunisian Sky
Lyrics by Kyle Caldwell

Under the Tunisian sky
Bouazizi burned inside
His soul rotted in the sunshine
Like the fruit he sold to survive

Indebted to the grocery
No money to pay off the police
Stripped of all, beaten and disgraced
They leave him with nothing but rage

The governor won’t hear his complaint
Yet another slap to the face
The last vestige of his pride
But turned away for the last time

All hope lost, he took to the street
And soaked himself in gasoline
His last words uttered before the screams
“How do you expect me to make a living?”

Under the Tunisian sky
Bouazizi burned alive
And as he lay and die
His fire spread worldwide
Track Name: Eros
Lyrics by Kyle Caldwell

Snow falling on street life
Drowning sounds in white
Cold companion guides me
Sail the river to sleep

Black dog following an
Incomplete shape
I’m trying to lose this feeling
A slug against a mustang

Under the lights, I’ll get away
But you’ll return when I leave the stage
And I thought you were my remedy
But I’ve found all I’ll ever need

No calls or wired dreams
I’ll say goodbye through these strings
A riverbed without a stream
Without you I’m nothing